About Us

Our label has 3 priorities:

We first thought of the idea to make a label when we had found someone willing to sell an extremely rare cassette, only for it to be snatched from our hands by someone with vastly more money and time. The cassette was sold for $200, a ludicrous sum. The artist saw none of that money, with the same amount you could contact the artist, make 50 copies of it and sell it for a much more reasonable price, all while keeping the music available to everyone. Not just to people who have money to blow. That's why we're doing what we are. Based on nothing but cold-calls and a tiny bit of luck, we have managed to get in contact with respected businesses like Light in the Attic, The Wire, Fond Sound, Consequence Of Sound, and Bandcamp to help us by either writing articles about an upcoming album or to help manufacture it. That cassette, and our d├ębut release is Ric Kaestner's Music for Massage II.

We welcome you join us in our journey of musical archivism.

Sifted Sand Records 2017-18

Music For Massage 1